Could Your Home or Office
Be Making You Sick?


Odor-causing allergens and pathogens are everywhere and can make any location miserable to be in. But those odors can be the result of molds, bacteria, viruses, and allergens that can infect your daily life and dramatically affect your health.

Who Are We?

We are not a mold remediation company or an air quality testing company.  We are more.  We are a microbial control company.  We use nanotechnology to eliminate biological contaminants.  These contaminants include bacteria, pathogens, germs, molds, mildew, allergens, and chemicals that have infested our lives. Bioactive uses a sophisticated, electrostatic technology to disinfect and eliminate odor-causing pathogens.


Bioactive is committed to eliminating molds, allergens, bacteria, viruses and chemicals in your environment so you can breath easier, feel better, and live healthier.


To be recognized as the company that prevents and resolves indoor environmental issues while providing exceptional service, education, and innovative solutions to our customers.

Odors are Removed. Molds, Allergens, and Bacteria Disinfected and Eliminated.

Improve your health, your family’s health, and the health of your employees or customers with a bioactive neutralizing disinfectant and odor elimination treatment for germs and obvious odors.

Non-toxic & Biodegradable

No negative impact on the environment, pets, or plants.

Odors Removed

Annoying and even harmful odors are neutralized.

Fast & Effective

Biocide begins to work on contact.

Industry Expert

Bioactive is the foremost microbial remediation company in the Washington DC area.  We are experts at remediating residential and commercial properties infected by mold, bacteria, viruses, germs, and other pathogens.

Fast & Effective

Our electrostatic disinfection and neutralization process provides 100% coverage as compared to other methods which only provide 30%.  The biocide begins to work immediately and continues to work for up to 90 days, all without damaging the applied surfaces.

Flexible Pricing

The cost of treating using the Bioactive process is often comparable, and in many cases, less expensive, than the cost of hiring a traditional mold remediation company.  And with better results!


Our disinfectant is an EPA rated Class IV, non-toxic hospital disinfectant.   It is completely safe to use around children, those with allergies, asthma, or immune deficiencies and does not emit or produce volatile organic compounds (VOCs).  It is a true biodegradable and can be safely used on multiple surfaces without the need to wipe away.

Our Speciality

We use science and technology to help people have better air quality inside their home and businesses and so they experience a better quality of life.  We disinfect and neutralize mold and mold spores (and the mycotoxins they carry), bacteria, viruses, germs, and other pathogens that can cause health problems and impact quality of life.

Why Choose Us?

Our process has proven results that are unmatched by any other company.  Because our process is unique, we can often save you time and money while improving your health and living/working environment.  We make your environment healthier.


We are a microbial control company using nanotechnology to eliminate biological footprints. These include bacteria, pathogens, germs, molds, mildew, allergens and chemicals that have infested our lives. We believe in healthy lives and healthy environments and are proud supporters of the Mission of Mercy, Heartly House, and SOAR.

Our Services


Is it possible that your home is making you sick? Things such as disrupted sleep, lack of energy, and depression can all be linked to our personal environments. Toxins, pesticides, bacteria, allergens, pathogens, and molds are everywhere.


Bioactive provides disinfection and odor elimination services to childcare facilities, schools, assisted living and medical facilities, commercial buildings, gyms, rental facilities, buses, vehicles, and transportation depots.

Mold Testing

How can you tell if the mold in your home or business is causing a problem?  We can provide mold testing to identify the types of mold and perform the necessary remediation to ensure your home or office environment is safe and healthy.

Pet Urine and Odors

We love our pets, but very few things can be more damaging to a home than cats, dogs, and other pets.  Bioactive can safely decontaminate and neutralize chemicals and eliminate odors including urine, feces, vomit, bodily fluids and much more.

Free Consultation and Swab Testing

How can you tell if your home would benefit from treatment by Bioactive?  We will come to your home and provide you not only with a free consultation but also free swab testing.

Air Quality Testing

Biological and chemical pollutants can affect your air quality.  Keep yourself healthy and your home safe from pollutants by having air quality testing performed by a professional.

What Our Client Says

Hilery Leatherman

It’s so nice to form relationships in the Real Estate Business! I’m so thankful for Robert Nivens with Bioactive!! If you or your clients need remediation of mold, foul odors, cigarette smoke, pet odor etc, ROBERT is your guy! We have used him on all of our rehab properties, and he’s even helped out clients for peace of mind when buying! Can’t say enough good about him, and their process!

P.J. Leroux

Home Inspector
He knows what he’s talking about!

M. Wack

You will be hard-pressed to find a more honorable, trustworthy person. And I can’t believe the knowledge he has about how to get rid of mold and odors! I was amazed to see the difference after he had treated the house. No more runny noses, no more itchy eyes! It has been a miracle! Thank you so much!!!