The connection between our personal environments and our health is well documented today. Is it possible your home is making you sick?  Don’t be surprised if the answer is yes.


Sick building syndrome, also known as SBS is becoming much more common in recent years.  Workers have fallen sick in buildings ranging from libraries and hospitals to offices, and some of them say poor indoor air is to blame.


Proper cleaning and sanitation are important to insuring that children attending a child care program remain healthy by reducing the risk of illness by decreasing bacteria, viruses, fungi and mold.


Environmental cleaning is a fundamental principle of infection prevention in healthcare settings. Contaminated hospital surfaces play an important role in the transmission of dangerous pathogens.


We are a microbial control company using nanotechnology to eliminate biological footprints.  These include bacteria, pathogens, germs, molds, mildew, allergens and chemicals that have infested our lives.  The process is called having your structure or vehicle bioactive neutralized. Today words like ‘superbug’, ‘antibiotic resistant’ and ‘disinfectant resistant’ are becoming common.  CNN reported on a study that has provided more evidence that using common disinfectants could promote the growth of antibiotic-resistant superbugs.  Researchers grew a bacteria associated with hospital-acquired infections in the presence of a common disinfectant and found that the bacteria became 12 times less susceptible to the disinfectant. These are disturbing facts for all of us.  How do we protect ourselves and our families?  First control what you can control.  We can all control our personal environments.

Our personal environments are our homes, businesses and vehicles.  All places we spend the majority of our lives.   Our solution to this rapidly growing problem is to have our homes, offices, businesses and vehicles bioactive neutralized. We use a hospital disinfectant that is a non-toxic, 100% biodegradable ‘green’ disinfectant that produces a rapid kill over micro-organisms including bacteria, viruses, pathogens, molds, fungi, mildew and It does not produce harmful byproducts or leave behind any residue and it does not produce VOC’s.  It can be safely used on multiple surfaces without the need to wipe away.  It also removes all malodors (odors) including urine, feces, vomit, bodily fluids, sulfur, cigarettes smoke, ammonia and much more.  Our disinfectant does not mask odors or produce noxious fragrances or scents, it simple eliminates odors. Our service provides the highest efficacy combining our hospital disinfectant with electrostatic spraying system.  The electrical charging causes a natural force of attraction between the spray droplets and target surface, similar to the attraction between items of clothing created by the tumbling of a clothes dryer. The charge on the droplets, though small, pulls the spray towards the target at 75 times the force of gravity. The spray droplets can reverse direction, moving against gravity, to coat all sides of an object.