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Top Frequently Asked Questions

What does Bioactive Neutralizer mean?

Bioactive means: Having an effect on a living organism. Neutralize means: To make chemically neutral. Bioactive Neutralizer means: To make living organisms chemically neutral.

What does green mean?

Green means there is not a negative impact on the environment.

Is it harmful to pets or plants?

No, the biocide that we market and use is 100% non-toxic.

Does it harm any surface?

No it does not harm surfaces, actually recommended to remain on surfaces for maximum efficacy.

Will this remove cat urine from carpet and hardwood floors?

Yes it will not only remove 100% of the odor, it will also remove any residual bacteria.

Is there a chlorine smell after application?

If you smell chlorine after the application that means that the biocide is killing any bacteria, pathogens, mold or fungi.

How long does it take?

Once we apply our disinfectant using electrostatic spraying system it starts to work immediately.

How long does the service take to apply?

It depends on the size of the facility and what we are dealing with. The average space including transportation takes between 2 and three hours.

What is the cost to have something bioactive neutralized?

It depends, for most spaces it is price per square foot. Transportation are based on a flat fee. Both areas require an account manager to come and look at the job for pricing.

Can you do testing for mold, bacteria, or other pathogens?

Yes we use sophisticated Luminometer to test for mold, bacteria or pathogens, just let us know when you set up an appointment that you would like testing done.