Saint Peter’s Episcopal Church

All Are Welcome

Client: Saint Peter’s Episcopal Church

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St. Peter’s is a vibrant and growing congregation in the middle of the Montgomery County Agricultural Preserve. Being situated in Poolesville we enjoy the quiet and beauty of these lands, while remaining a part of the energy and vitality of the Washington metropolitan region.

St. Peter’s is a unique parish. Our members are a mix of folks, some of whom have been in this area for generations, while others are new to the area, coming from all over the country. We have farmers, educators, professionals, stay-at-home mothers and more. What we all have in common is our love of Jesus and a desire to fulfill the mission and ministry he left the Church; to make God’s love known.

Whether you a just beginning an exploration of faith or are further along the path, we are an open and affirming Church where all are welcome.  

—  Courtesy of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church website