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Our vehicles are like our homes, we tend to ignore them until a problem pops up! This is not only true about our personal vehicles but is true on all forms of transportation. In our vehicles that problem could be the air quality. Think about it, all of us treat our vehicles like a second home. We eat, drink, spill things and create piles of clutter inside. And how about the times we are in vehicles sick or with a cold and sneezing, spreading germs throughout the vehicle’s interior which includes the HVAC vents that circulate those germs throughout the vehicle. Bacteria, pathogens, mold and mildew have become areas of concern in a vehicles ventilation system. The ventilation systems in all types of vehicles are the perfect breeding grounds for microorganisms due to the dampness and darkness of the systems and this can be harmful to our health and the health of our family and friends. Our solutions is simple and highly effective, have your vehicle bioactive neutralized!


Electrostatic spraying systems provide the most effective process offering the highest efficacy for applying our disinfectant. It puts a charge on the droplets, though small, pulls the spray towards the target at 75 times the force of gravity. The spray droplets can reverse direction, moving against gravity, to coat all sides of an object. Electrostatic spraying systems takes advantage of the principal of physics to achieve better coverage and to lessen the environmental impact. In addition air is necessary in electrostatic spraying to create tiny droplets (30-60 microns, 900 times smaller than conventional sprayers) that can travel in the turbulent airstream into dense areas.

All they have in common is Bioactive Neutralizer!


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